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The facilities we are guiding

①Verkehr Museum: A museum where you can learn about the history and industry of Shimizu Port.




②Seamen's inn Museum "Suehiro": Shimizu Jirocho run this inn with his wife.




③ Myokeiji Temple: There is a lucky "bell" that has traveled to the United States after the war.




④Jirocho's Birthplace : He was a young outlaw, but devoted to the development of Shimizu in late years




⑤ Minowa Inari Shrine: This shrine was built about 400 years ago as a branch of Fushimi Inari Shrine of Kyoto




Shimizu Port Area Walking Map

Please take this exploration map with you when walking around Shimizu Port.
This map shows the locations of five facilities guided by the members of Shimizu Volunteer Guides (SVG).
In addition, you can go to Shimizu S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA Amusement Center, Baiinji Temple, and Soushi's Tomb.